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Why a Microfactory Co-op?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

This post on LinkedIn by our Advisor, John Hayden (Venture Catalyst at Northumberland CFDC) explains some of the motivation and inspiration behind our Microfactory Co-operative. Some additional background: the idea first came to us at the Tri Association of Manufacturers' 13th Annual Conference in Peterborough, Ontario in October, 2017. We presented the idea at the Impact Centre's Physical Technology Commercialization Forum at the University of Toronto in February, 2018 and held a series of meetings with interested hardware entrepreneurs, including a strategy session at the Creative Collective in downtown Cobourg, recounted here by N100. The idea was iterated and expanded, with expert advice and guidance from Russ Christianson of Rhythm Communications, an internationally recognized expert on co-operatives.

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